Periodicals all about Genealogical Programs

These may be online or printed. They may be free or have a fee.

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter
by Dick Eastman

Dick Eastman’s excellent free Online weekly newsletter, that always contains all the latest news of interest for genealogists using computers, and often has detailed reviews of genealogical software.

by Jean-Yves Baxter

Daily news on genealogy software, web-based user interfaces and other genealogy tech news.

Geneasofts - French
by Jean-Yves Baxter

The French version of the site.

Modern Software Experience - Reviews
by Tamura Jones

Very comprehensive technical reviews of many different software programs.
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Genealogy Software News
by Sarah, Doug, and Kevin

Provides information on genealogy software releases, reviews, and articles.

Genealogy Software Guide
A site collecting information about all genealogy software programs of all types, current and past. This is a sister site of and appears to have stopped publishing.
by Chad Osten

Genealogy news and information for Macintosh users with comprehensive information about Mac genealogy software. Excellent site.
by Chad Osten

News about genealogy software for Handhelds, PDAs and Mobile Phones. It covers Palm OS, PocketPC/Windows Mobile and Psion operating systems.

Victorian GUM - Genealogists Using Microcomputers Newsletter
An Australian publication of a group designed to assist members with information about hardware and software packages that can aid family history research.

Australian Family Tree Connections - Computers and Genealogy
This is a monthly Australian Genealogy magazine with a regular section on Computers and Genealogy.

Digital Genealogist
by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens
An online periodical that published from 2007 to 2009 in PDF format focusing on the use of technology in genealogy and all its various applications. Back issues are still available for free online.

Genealogical Computing Archive
by The Generations Network, Inc.

A quarterly publication that published from 1982 to 2006. Many of the articles from the magazine have been archived online here.

Computers in Genealogy
by the Society of Genealogists

A British quarterly publication devoted to helping genealogists in the use of computers. Ceased publication in 2005. Computer articles are now being included in the society’s Genealogist’s Magazine.

Newsgroups and Maillists

Here are different ways to discuss genealogy software with others.

This is where to go with your questions on computer programs for genealogy. It has a newsgroup that can also be accessed through a mailing list, and you can search its archives.

Genforum’s Genealogy Software Discussion Forums
Here are active discussion groups for several different programs, including: Family Tree Maker, Family Origins, Family Tree Creator, Generations, Ultimate Family Tree, Ancestral Quest, Brother’s Keeper, PAF, Reunion, and The Master Genealogist.

Software Mailing Lists
by John Fuller
Lists and describes the mailing lists available on the internet for specific genealogical software programs, with instructions on how to subscribe.

Software Lists Hosted by RootsWeb
RootsWeb is the internet’s oldest and largest free genealogy community. They host many software mailing lists. You can subscribe to them from this web page.

Independent Comparisons of Genealogy Programs

These are where you want to go if you want more opinions about the various programs.

Comparison of genealogy software
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a nice comparison that appears to be kept up to date.

Best Genealogy Software
by pikimal

They stack everything according to their TrueRank, which measures each item’s performance for all users combined.

Reviews of the Best Genealogy Software

A selection of programs picked for a complete editor review, star ratings of features, and user reviews, with a Top 10 picked and a buying guide.

Genealogy and Family Tree Software

A detailed comparison of programs with ratings, prices and feature lists. Uses GenSoftReviews as one of its sources for its Expert Rating.

Genealogy Software Reviews
by ConsumerSearch

These are reviews about other published reviews of genealogy software in various magazines and periodicals. They compare and rate the each review and the selections with each other.

Genealogy Software Review
by TopTenReviews

Detailed comparisons and reviews of many top programs, as well as a lot of information to help you decide which program is best for you.

Genealogical Computing’s 2005 Family History Software Directory
Genealogical Computing Magazine maintains a list of genealogical software, and gives specs and lists the features of each.

Genealogy Today’s Genealogy Software Guide
by Software Wonders of NJ

Info about over 200 programs. Users are invited to rate the software they’ve used.

Comparing Genealogy Software Programs
by Richard Wilson

Compares many different features for 8 of the most popular programs.

Richard Wilson’s Comparison of Genealogy Web Pages
by Richard Wilson

Here Richard compares the web pages produced by many programs. He also gives samples of the web pages produced.

Articles About Specific Types of Genealogy Software

For specific purposes you may have different needs. Try these:

Four sorts of software for one-namers, by Jean-Baptiste Piggin
One-namers are often asked what sort of computer software they use, and the answers usually come down to the four types described in this article.

Software Repositories

These are places you can find collections of many of the programs and utilities available. You will not find commercial programs here - only freeware, shareware and demos. For commercial programs, you will have to look on store shelves or go to the developer’s web sites.

Simtel Genealogy Programs
Simtel was a distribution network for shareware back in the early 1990’s. They are now back with a new interface and updated listings.

PalmGear Genealogy Software
Descriptions and downloads of programs available for palmtops. Some are free and some are shareware which you can buy from this site.,en,usd/palm/search.html?qry=genealogy

SourceForge - Topic Genealogy
The world’s largest Open Source software development website. These programs range from those just beginning development to those that are well developed and can compete in quality and features with any program. All programs are free to use and are looking for users and developers to help them advance.

Other Lists of Genealogical Programs on the Web

I tried to include as many programs as possible for this review site, but I may have missed some. The sites below may include some others. If you want any added, please go to the suggest page of this site.

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites - Software & Computers
by Cyndi Howells

If you want completeness, Cyndi has the most comprehensive list of links available anywhere. If you want more than this, Cyndi has a section on this page titled “Miscellaneous Download and Reference Sites” that will take you everywhere else (including back to my page).’s Genealogy Software Pages
A fairly good list of categorized links and short descriptions of each program is available here.

Creer sa base
by Guillaume Roelly

A list in French of many programs, their languages, licenses, and their sites.

Les logiciels de Genealogie
by Gilles Amiel

A list in French of many programs, including many programs that are written in French.

Tools voor Genealogen
A nicely organized list of genealogy software, in Belgian. There are small screen shots of many of the programs and utilities.

Of Apples and (Family) Trees
by Dirk Haun
Listings of Genealogy Programs for the Macintosh as well as links where available.