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Overall453.74 out of 53.74 out of 53.74 out of 53.74 out of 53.74 out of 5 3.74
201823.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 53.5 out of 5 3.50
201764.85 out of 54.85 out of 54.85 out of 54.85 out of 54.85 out of 5 4.85
Earlier372.85 out of 52.85 out of 52.85 out of 52.85 out of 52.85 out of 5 2.85

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MacFamilyTree Review by Ronda,  Jan 2, 2018

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5

Have just gone from version 7 to 8. Find it crashes, something that Mac tree 7 never did. Other than that very easy to navigate and nice visuals.

Biggest Pro: Easy to use
Biggest Con: Crashes

MacFamilyTree Review by JOan,  Jan 2, 2018

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

A little confusing at first, trying to get to an actual tree view. But gets easier. HOWEVER… the publish UPDATE option does not work. I correct an entry, save it, click update - it functions like an update, but nothing changes on the web!!! very frustrating. have to delete tree and upload the whole thing again for every edit.

Biggest Pro: easy to add people and events
Biggest Con: UPDATE does not work. cannot publish updates. the originally published tree does NOT CHANGE.

MacFamilyTree Review by Johannes Steen,  Aug 28, 2017

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

This program is really nice to visualise the tree and very easy to use.
The hidden buttons can be turned on to always show in preferences.
Also I find not issues to navigate once you get used to how the different views are independent.
You can easily navigate back and forth using back button.

Biggest Pro: Very good layout
Biggest Con: Some issues with Norwegian spelling.

MacFamilyTree Review by GF,  Aug 15, 2017

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Excellant programme I have been using this for some time now. Don’t feel that other programme can match it for use on a mac. They are always updating the charts etc which make it more user friendly and comprehensive

Biggest Pro: Layout and ease of use
Biggest Con: Haven’t found one

MacFamilyTree Review by Tws,  Aug 5, 2017

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Comprehensive and easy to use program. Excellent graphics.

Biggest Pro: Easy to use and comprehensive
Biggest Con: Management of source citations could be better

MacFamilyTree Review by Peter Smyth,  May 3, 2017

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

I have been building my family tree on PC/Macs since 1987 and MacFamily is the most beautiful product I have used but it was not designed by a genealogist as the the most basic but key functions are not provided.e.g.
-unique ID for each person searchable ( their simply does not work and cannot be displayed with the person in layouts)
-attributes for person that are not searchable/printable
-lost focus on the current person as you change views/reports etc (must search again for EVERY screen change to the same person)
-invalid GEDCOM import/export and rejections of data rather than storage in a notes field
-inability to merge a GEDCOM from another database into yours
-truncated source details - no overflow into even a NOTEs field
-REPOSOTORY only has name and address files , and rejects email/fax/phone etc rather than put into NOTES
-no compact way to print all info in an indented hierarchy to give people hard copy to check and correct

Hope this helps others understand the shortcomings of what could be an industry leader if simple things were fixed.
It forces me to do all my work in clunky Brothers Keeper (written by a genealogists for genealogists with great functionality) export it and print it from MacFamily.

Heres the Support request:
I sent the following list of suggestions to Mac Family Tree Support in June 2016 and have heard nothing back.

I have found the option to select Reference number and I have chosen “Reference Number” but this only appears on the edit screen and nowhere else on views or reports, so it does not help me a great deal.
It also is not good for searching as you can only use it in the DB search and not the sidebar person search.
When you do use it in the DB Search it searches for the number in other record numbers, other than the type you have selected, so you get heaps ! - Not just the one with the number entered.
This reference number for each person is key to genealogy research – I add it to every document, source and picture media etc to link then all together and readily find them.

CAN YOU PLEASE ADD THIS AS A FEATURE REQUEST – to switch on/of appendage of the Reference number to all view/reports etc. and provide a person search option on the ref No. ?
Currently the only way I can see to do this is to use the NICKname field and copy the Ref Number into the SURNAME field of Nickname.
I will have to write a macro or a program to do this each time that I import.

Otherwise I could put the Ref No in a Nat ID No FACT but what can I do with that then ?
I can search on it by selecting search options but I cannot print/view/report it anywhere . So I cannot give it to anyone for reference.

I have been using Brothers Keeper for 15-20 years for genealogy research and am forced to keep doings because of this critical lack of functionality in MacFamily.
I have transfer my data to MacFamily each time just to print attractive charts.
Very sad really when it could be such a useful tool.

Another feature missing is further details about repositories.
Where and how you get info is critical.
A name and address is not enough. Repository have Emails, web Sites and names and organisations. These are held in Brothers Keeper but I cannot transfer them to MacFamily – they are rejected.
PHON (@R24@) — +xx(x)xxxxxxxxx
EMAI (@R24@) —

When I use the views and reports, I have to re-find the person I am working on EVERY time I switch views or reports.
It is very frustrating and a terrible waste of time.
Couldn’t you keep the current person referenced as the default focus person for each view/report so that you do not have to keep searching for the persons name or ref number every time to check ancestors or defendants or other relationships ?
You could readily have a last person button if you wanted to go back to some previously referenced person.
CAN YOU PLEASE ADD THIS AS A FEATURE REQUEST – use last person accessed as default for views/reports.

The other info that is lost is when a witness is at an event
1 ASSO @I304@
2 RELA Witness at event _EVN 2399
This is record as a GODparent
Couldn’t the text in the GED be used ?
CAN YOU PLEASE ADD THIS AS A FEATURE REQUEST – Allow relationships to be as a witness to an event not just GODPARENT .

5. GEDCOM Compatibility
Attached is the GED file and rejects showing the fields not accepted
Person residence info
E.g. PHON (RESI - @I2@) — +xxx xxxx xxxx
EMAI (RESI - @I2@) —
WWW (RESI - @I2@) —
CAN YOU PLEASE ADD THIS AS A FEATURE REQUEST – Allow more flexible GEDCOM filed even if they only go in as free format texts notes so the info is not lost.

Biggest Pro: Stunning screen and report appearance
Biggest Con: frustrating inefficient interface, poor GEDCOM standard, cannot merge, poor repository & source support, data loss on import

MacFamilyTree Review by Y Homan,  Mar 31, 2017

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

I have just upgraded to MacFamilyTree 8 and already I see a big improvement over prior versions. So far I have had no difficulty navigating the program. If I make a mistake, it’s easy to fix. Particularly love the column on the right which lists all entries according to surname.

Biggest Pro: Ease of navigation
Biggest Con: Haven’t found one.

MacFamilyTree Review by Marcus Schmidt,  Mar 31, 2017

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

I have always been an avid genealogist. I started more than 30 years ago, my first software was DOS based. I have seen so many genealogy apps come and go within the years but MacFamilyTree is the one I really recommend. This is why I write this review.

In my opinion, it’s the only “real” Mac genealogy apps because it looks and feels like Mac. It’s not clumsy Windows software made available for Mac, it’s really for Mac OS X. You see that in every part of the app. The animations, the beautiful charts, everything looks shiny and polished. It’s easy to use, too. Creating a web site or a family book is a matter of minutes.

I probably have discovered only a part of what MacFamilyTree can do. There are so so so many reports and charts and statistics… so much analysis you get from the information I researched 30 years ago.

Pricing seems far to me. It’s 59 bucks and paid upgrades every three years. Sync and Research is provided without subscription fees. This effectively makes the app less pricey than other.

Summary: You have noticed that I am a big fan. But this app deserves to be praised. It has provided me with so many possibilities to bore my relatives with my research :-) No, just kidding. Some charts are so beautiful that even non-genealogist appreciate it.

Biggest Pro: Great charts, app looks terrific, friendly customer care

MacFamilyTree Review by Steve,  Dec 27, 2016

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5

The application itself is fine - under the surface it doesn’t do anything particularly special that other similar packages don’t, but it offers a very polished user interface. As someone who uses multiple different systems it’s a shame it’s not cross platform, but that’s understandable and most Windows applications don’t tick that box either.

Sadly GEDCOM export/import is a bit flaky at times with respect to interoperability and had issues matching up users after trying to merge a GEDCOM file back in after editing in another system (Can’t definitively say which system was to blame here, but I’d say a bit of blame on both sides). Shame as that’s what standards were created for.

With v8 the maps seem to work properly - I never had much success with the map/globe options in earlier versions, pins seemed to get merged with “nearby” pins which might be in the next county rather than be on the right location. But that seems much improved. Would be nice (and maybe there’s a way I’ve not noticed) to colour code the pin depending on the event type.

Biggest complaint from me is the popup adverts for the company’s other (entirely unrelated) products that return every time you update. And now asking for access to my contacts to autofill newsletter subscriptions and to populate my family tree. I think like most people, my friends and colleagues aren’t in my family tree. I don’t mind adverts in a free product or trial version, but dislike them in a commercial paid-for application.

Biggest Pro: Pretty
Biggest Con: Adverts; Privacy

MacFamilyTree Review by Tws,  Dec 16, 2016

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Meanwhile the best program on all platforms from my perspective. Excellent user interface and very complete functionality.

MacFamilyTree Review by hans,  Aug 2, 2016

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5

I just want to point out a special flaw of MacFamilyTree: its GEDCOM export is not adhering to the standard. For example, they turn
which is an invention of their own, and as such makes it hard / impossible to use the GEDCOM in other programs. There may be other cases of such misguided creativity in the GEDCOM export of MacFamilyTree.

MacFamilyTree Review by M Denton,  May 29, 2016

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5

Started off good and now everytime I try to use it, it crashes. I have sent an email to Support but two days no answer. Wish I had ver 7 back.

MacFamilyTree Review by Cboland,  May 21, 2016

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5

Purchased MAC FT IN April - by mid May., I have decided to scrap it and return to my previous archive system ( Roots Magic) as this system is appalling. I had several years worth of research to input as I wasn’t able to transfer over ,other than manually. MFT didn’t allow me to work systematically thru each family - it asked questions about one individual then moved to someone else not in the same family group,, which meant that it was necessary to keep referring back to all my hard copies instead of being able to archive each family in turn and file the info away once finished with. The questions are tedious and irrelevant, - a simple “further information ” box is all that is required.
I feel that it is a waste of money and would not recommend it to anyone . Who ever wrote the program may well be a computer genius but they obviously have no experience in family history research or how to archive it. What a waste of £40!!

MacFamilyTree Review by M. Balon,  May 10, 2016

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5

I’ve used MacFamilyTree 7 for approximately two years, really like it. Version 8 promised a tight integration with FamilySearch, but I worried about privacy. I wrote to Synium Software asking if any of my data would be transferred to FamilySearch when using it and was assured that, “If you do not manually upload data to FamilySearch, it can just be seen by yourself.”

Well that’s FALSE! Immediately upon logging into FamilySearch through MacFamilyTree 8 it begins zipping through your database creating matches with the FamilySearch database. It can only do that by transmitting my data to FamilySearch. There’s no way to stop the data transfer except Cmd-Q and quit the app.

Biggest Pro: Excellent user interface, and a nice collection of reports and different ways to view data
Biggest Con: Privacy gone… there’s no way to use the app’s most powerful research feature without giving up your family’s data

MacFamilyTree Review by Rita,  May 8, 2016

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5

All in all I prefer MacFamilyTree 7.
Version 8 does allow you to tinker with the color scheme, which is a godsend. My old eyes could barely see the print in the initial color scheme. Next, they have removed the visual tree from the sidebar when in person edit mode. I really relied on that in version 7, because I could leap from person to person without having to pass through the tree one person at a time. It also helped immensely to build a mental image of the individuals and their relationships. This is extremely useful when entering new territory, and when the same names reappear in different generations. Also in the more distant past, when merging people who turn out to have multiple family connections because of cousin marriages, it was wonderful to have that swift ability to compare individual’s profiles and connections. To me that is the biggest loss in version 8. I never had any difficulty finding the list of individual in the previous versions

Of course they have put all the search fields at the top of the columns, instead of the bottom, so that’s a pain to get used to, and placed the invisible option fields for each classification (Facts, Media etc.) at the right instead of the left, also annoying. Why do they have to make these fields invisible? I waste more time trying to put the mouse click in the hidden magic spot that makes them appear. There are times when nothing I try brings them up. More annoyance.

Several saved relationship charts disappeared when I upgraded from 7 to 8. Lucky me I had saved the pdf’s to different locations on my computer.

Overall, I like MacFamilyTree, and will continue to use it.

Biggest Pro: Don’t really have one
Biggest Con: The visual tree is gone when in person edit mode. BIg, Big, Big, Loss.

MacFamilyTree Review by Erdeslau,  Apr 27, 2016

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

Having purchased both MacFamilyTree 8 and MobileFamilyTree 8 ‘upgrades’ on release, I don’t recognise the problems experienced by the previous reviewer. Both programs have to be purchased through the Mac’s AppStore for MacFamilyTree 8; or the iTunes Store for MobileFamilyTree 8. Both sources show the half-price offer as available until mid-July 2016; and this ‘offer’ is available to all users, not just upgraders. The developer, Synium Software tends to offer these half-price savings for a limited period because it is not possible to offer upgrade prices through the Mac Appstore/iTunes. If the User was ‘overcharged’ then his complaint should be with Apple, not Synium and he should direct that complaint appropriately if the offer price has not been honoured.

As for the software there have been some very significant changes and improvements all of which are outlined on the Synium Website, where potential purchasers can also download a trial version of the software for testing to check if the upgrade suits their needs. My own experience with the software has been very positive so far, as the changes implemented in Version 8 have addressed many of the shortcomings that I felt Version 7 didn’t address. That said, I intend compiling a ‘wish list’ of issues that I still feel still need addressing and will report those to Synium, who I have always found to be responsive when I have communicated with them.

Issues I’ve identified so far:

- It is not possible to merge two MacFamilyTree Databases, i.e. you have to export a GEDCOM File from one database and import that to the other database, which seems perverse.
- It is not possible to merge ‘duplicate’ Sources, which results in a long-winded process of moving references/links to a single source and then deleting the duplicate(s) once all references have been cleared.
- Although event addresses can be entered separately from places, I can find no way to include those addresses in reports.

All of the above behaviours appear to have carried over from Version 7.

Biggest Pro: Easy to manage software with a wide range of very useful standard reports and project management and tracking capabilities.
Biggest Con: Still some weaknesses evident in the management of sources, reports and data merging

MacFamilyTree Review by chris davies,  Apr 24, 2016

1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5

they will probably delete this review. I was offered a 50 percent discount $29.99 to upgrade to MacFamily Tree 8. So I upgraded, I looked at the features etc and could see no real improvement to MacFamily Tree 7. Okay I understand the company needs to make money so was willing to cop the 30 dollars. However when I checked my account I was charged in excess of the full cost $58 dollars. when I contacted Synium they said oh its a VAT and the exchange rate. When I pointed out that the exchange rate isn’t anywhere near that amount and there is no VAT on internet costs. Mendel said no you have to contact Apple to get a refund.

Sorry guys not good enough, your product, your promotion, your issue, please give me my refund. The product was not worth it, and nor is your attitude.

Don’t get the latest upgrade. There are no clear improvements and is a waist of money. Especially if they tell you the upgrade cost is only 29.99 and then they charge you 58.99

Don’t get the upgrade

Chris Davies
Manly Australia

Biggest Con: The Cost, The Product, their attitude

MacFamilyTree Review by Peter McGregor,  Apr 24, 2016

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

This short note applies to Version 8, updating the review I recently did on Version 7.

MFT’s strengths of being intuitive, open, airy and uncluttered are even more evident with the changes made in the new version. Going back and forth between MFT and FTM feels like moving between an ultramodern house and a Victorian-style cluttered house. It really is that distinct a difference. I have tried Reunion and it feels just as old as FTM but with a different feel: more like a system that exclusively uses file cards - not pages or scrolls augmented by cards. I haven’t tried other programs but, from what I’ve read on professional review sites, just about all of the others fit somewhere between the feel of FTM and Reunion.

Weaknesses? The items I mentioned in the earlier review have not yet been addressed (hopefully in a between-versions update - they did acknowledge the deficiencies).
MFT has barely adequate Media management. A saving grace here is that MFT media can be attached to Places - neither FTM nor Reunion do this.
MFT’s Source management however is poorer than both FTM’s and Reunion’s. It is missing a tier, forcing people who want to document their sources properly to become extreme “splitters”.
And MFT, for me, lacks a couple of “bare-bones” descendant and ancestor reports that are useful for exchanging a lot of information in minimal space.

Other items. There are two significant things (to me anyway) that I didn’t mention in the earlier report:
For anyone moving from FTM, be aware that MFT doesn’t automatically save the way FTM does. You either save manually or “activate autosave”. On the top toolbar, go: “MacFamilyTree” “Preferences” > “Database” > “Activate Autosave”, choosing an interval that suits you.
Finally, MFT has a mobile app that is supposed to do just about all that the main program does, with automatic synching via iCloud.

Conclusion. Other users will have different priorities. For me, MFT’s update has enhanced its strengths but hasn’t yet adequately addressed its few weaknesses. (Oh, it has added “Smart Filters” and has larger “boxes” for some editing items - which help - but the underlying inadequacies are still there.)
But I like the way the program is developing. For my needs, it’s almost there. It’s now a 4.5 out of 5.

Biggest Pro: Class-leading look, feel and functionality; navigation (interactive tree), and virtual globe.
Biggest Con: For more serious users, just passable media/source management & a couple of missing ‘barebones’ reports.

MacFamilyTree Review by Peter McGregor,  Apr 9, 2016

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

This is an abbreviated version of feedback I sent to Synium, followed by their reply. Note that this is of Version 7. Synium advise they are about to release Version 8 which may address some concerns I’ve noted below.

I’ve been using MacFamilyTree for 4 months, having migrated from Family Tree Maker for Mac 3. I’m a relative newcomer to genealogy software but with some experience in researching it, having completed a small book on a branch of my family.

I think MFT has the potential to reach the top of the heap with only a little more development.

I purchased MFT and have been going backwards and forwards between FTMM3 and MFT. I also downloaded a demo of Reunion for Mac as a further option.

Looking Around.
The 3 programs take 3 different approaches. With MFT, you scroll down the main page to see the different categories. With Reunion, each page is like a card; you take out (click) a new card for each category. FTMM3 is in the middle. You scroll down for Facts (Events) but also click to open other (half) pages.

MFT seems open, airy and uncluttered. Reunion is “precise”, possibly appealing to people who like using real paper cards. FTMM3 is, frankly, a “dog’s breakfast”, with toolbars and tabs everywhere duplicating other toolbars and tabs. It’s like the house of a hoarder: so cluttered he can’t find what he wants so he goes out and gets another one.

Moving Around.
All three are fairly good. MFT’s Look makes it feel better to get around in. Its Interactive Tree is a century ahead of the static look of the others. FTMM3 is better than Reunion because the ‘card’ system requires more clicks and it is less intuitive. MFT is easily the most intuitive of the 3.

I abandoned Reunion early on when I found that it doesn’t allow attaching of Media to Places. (Most of my places are now-defunct Scottish farms - not on modern maps. I attach a PDF of an old map (showing the farms) to each Place to supplement MFT’s map. You can’t do this with Reunion.)

1. Both MFT and FTM programs allow manual input of coordinates. Good.
2. I like that FTMM3 can select coordinates by clicking on a position. Saves lots of time. MFT doesn’t do this.
3. MFT’s Virtual Globe is wonderful for people having ancestors around the globe.
4. Despite 2., FTMM3’s pinpointing of locations is poor. It uses a pushpin icon for clicking to the feature in 2., but on the actual map it uses the inflated part of a balloon, obscuring the place-name.

Reports and Charts.
MFT has better-looking reports and charts. But FTMM3 has more of the basic ones.
In particular I was surprised that MFT did not have Narrative Descendant (or Register) Reports nor Outline Ancestor or Outline Descendant Reports. These “barebones” reports are very useful in conveying maximum information within minimal space, particularly when corresponding with other researchers. For now I’ll move a GEDCOM file to FTMM3 to create these reports. I hope that MFT will add them in future updates.

Media Management
FTMM3 allows Word Documents and Web Archives to be linked to Media. MFT doesn’t. I have converted to PDFs, which is probably best in the long run.

More importantly, MFT’s Media Management is a bit deficient. Media items are easy to find in FTMM3 because they are grouped into categories/lists. MFT only has a “Gallery” which makes it hard to find a Media item - and I only have a small tree so far.

Source and Citation Management
The ideas of the genealogy “Establishment” are unnecessarily complicated. The purpose is simple: to be able to re-find a source. An 800 page book? Ridiculous. (But I do understand that MFT has to cater to the standards - as silly as they might seem to me.)

Having said that, MFT is one field short in its citation management. It only has a title page for a source, plus notes within citations - no individual citation field. I hope this can be fixed.

Ratings. I don’t rate sources. I think the idea is muddleheaded. A family is proven by the links between individuals. You don’t rate a carpenter’s tools; you rate the finished job. Again, I understand MFT must cater to the “Establishment”. I hope that someone with a very intelligent, logical brain will come up with a less “muddleheaded” idea in the future.

Less Major
Entering Names: FTMM3 has a poor system. It has only one field. It selects the first word as a first name and the last word as a last name. It recognises “PhD” as a suffix but not “Baron” which it thinks is a last name. Entering back-slashes doesn’t cope with something like: “Sir John (aka Jack) ‘Dow’ de Bortoli (aka Brewster) MD”.
MFT has a field for each part of a name. Good.

MFT doesn’t list “BEF 07 Mar 1712” before “07 Mar 1712”. You have to put “BEF 06 Mar 1712”. Needs fixing.

The Three-dimensional Tree
Sorry, I don’t find this useful. Clever, but…

MFT could be the leader.
MFT is by quite a margin the most modern looking program. The other two programs I’ve looked at are strictly last century. Additionally: Reunion is efficient in what it does but misses some major basics. FTMM3 has the basics but needs a complete makeover. I think MFT is still young, so it is the only one that feels “all-of-a-piece”. But, being young, it is also missing some development.

At this stage I recommend MFT to other people in my position: with small, growing trees and having access to other programs for missing reports. If the deficiencies mentioned above can be addressed I will then recommend it to everyone.

Synium’s reply:
“First of all, thank you very much for your detailed feedback. Very much appreciated.
“You must have spend some time in checking and comparing which is impressive. Moste things you have stated, I will agree and we are about to change things.
“Therefore such feedback is important for us as we want to carefully decide which changes or Features can be done nicely and will fit to our imagination of MacFamilyTree.
“We are about to release a new major version - MacFamilyTree 8 and the working progress for release has just ended.
“Some of the behaviour you have mentioned such as the “BEF AFT.. thing” is known and we will definitely change that in the near future.
“We are looking forward to improve our source citation and media management and we will also have look on how we can improve our charts and reports for the future.
“Unfortunately we can not satisfy every customer since every person is unique and has his own little preferences.
“E.g. the virtual globe indeed is very popular by most of our customers. [Some misunderstanding here, I think. I love the Virtual Globe. I think the 3D Tree is less useful than other features. Peter.]
“We will keep up the work to get the most lovely experience of MacFamilyTree for our old and new customers.
“Thanks again.”

I will do an updated review after MFT v.8 is released.

Biggest Pro: Look, feel and functionality; interactive tree and virtual globe.
Biggest Con: Some deficiencies in media and source management; some missing basic reports.

MacFamilyTree Review by Stephen Meyers,  Dec 12, 2015

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

I had downloaded the demo version early 2015, and there were a lot of positives for this program, except the cost, especially since I already had RootsMagic. I have taught RootsMagic classes at our local family history library for the patrons that come in. I find the program far to complex, not in understanding it, but in the complexities that are built into it. If you are obsessive compulsive, you will find yourself wanting to, for example, attach all your media files to your individuals, tag them, etc, and then you find that you are constantly having to fix the broken links to the files, if you use RootsMagic on your laptop vs your desktop. Not worth the time and effort. You can create “notes” for every little thing, or attach sources to every little fact (not BMD or other major facts). I find this really tedious. I would rather have a central repository of notes for each person. They are integrated with MyHeritage, but “discoveries” there can’t really be attached to RootsMagic anyway, so there is a discontinuity. Don’t get me started on the “Mac” version of RootsMagic! SO MANY CRASHES, freezes, bugs, etc. They try to run the program in a “Wine” wrapper, but it just doesn’t work well, for many of us that are using it at the library. It’s easier to run it from a Windows PC through remote desktop on your Mac. We have been frustrated by the lack of a native OS app, but haven’t had a lot of choice.
When MacFamilyTree came out with a $24.99 price, I jumped on the chance to purchase the program through the App Store. I love the graphics interface, integration with FamilySearch, ease of synching, along with ability to review the other information for the source, like who contributed it, the tags assigned, and the ability to jump to the preview of it. This program as a simpler feel to it, like a single NOTES section, unlike RootsMagic. I REALLY like that this program is written specifically for MAC and that it uses iCloud to store the information and any media type files that you attach to the individuals. Whether on my laptop, my desktop, I have access to the SAME information, anytime I want. (you can’t imagine how many patrons mix up their databases when trying to switch from laptop to desktop. They are in a state of constant confusion because they are adding/editing information to different databases without realizing it, EVEN WHEN USING THE ROOTSMAGIC TO GO!). I don’t mean to degrade RootsMagic but I find that the older patrons struggle getting to know the program, even after 4 hours of in class training time). I find this app simplistic, in yet full featured.

Biggest Pro: iCloud synchronization for data & media. Easy to switch from traveling laptop to home desktop
Biggest Con: Lack of user forums for questions to pick others brains on getting the most out of the program. There is a user manual but it is pretty basic.

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