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by MyHeritage Ltd. (Gilad Japhet)
Intuitive, easy to use software that includes features such as smart matching technology, chart designs, smart research, consistency checking and online family tree publishing among others. It supports 36 languages and dual language input.

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Overall1484.36 out of 54.36 out of 54.36 out of 54.36 out of 54.36 out of 5 4.36
2014554.46 out of 54.46 out of 54.46 out of 54.46 out of 54.46 out of 5 4.46
2013624.28 out of 54.28 out of 54.28 out of 54.28 out of 54.28 out of 5 4.28
Earlier313.76 out of 53.76 out of 53.76 out of 53.76 out of 53.76 out of 5 3.76

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Family Tree Builder Review by Jette Larsen,  Jul 16, 2014

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

Jeg synes, at Family Tree Builder er et rigtig godt program. Det har været muligt, at skabe et overskueligt billede af min slægt og programmet er meget nemt at bruge. Havde for nylig brug for assistance fra FTB-teamet og fik en hurtig og meget venlig hjælp. Jeg er dog i tvivl om, hvad der sker med mit træ, hvis jeg beslutter ikke at fortsætte med abonnementet og i stedet vil bruge den gratis version. Jeg har godt 900 personer i træet. En ting, der dog godt kan irritere mig er, at der automatisk suser record-matches ind på rigtig mange af personerne i mit træ. Jeg har valgt ikke at betale de ekstra penge for at få record-matches, så derfor synes jeg det er underligt, at jeg ikke kan fjerne disse matches, for de fylder vel en del i programmet. Men generelt er jeg meget tilfreds :)

Biggest Pro: Helpdisken skal have ros :)
Biggest Con: Record-matches, når jeg ikke abonnerer på dem.

Google translate: I think that Family Tree Builder is a very good program. It has been possible to create a clear picture of my family and the program is very easy to use. Had recently need the assistance of the DSU team and got a prompt and very friendly help. However, I am unsure about what happens to my tree if I decide not to continue with the subscription and instead will use the free version. I have over 900 people in the tree. One thing, however, may well irritate me is that there are automatic zipping record matched into a lot of people in my tree. I have chosen not to pay the extra money to get the record matches, so I think it’s weird that I can not remove these matches, because they fill well a part of the program. But overall I am very happy :)
Biggest Pro: Help disk must be commended :)
Biggest Con: Record-matched when I do not subscribe to them.

Family Tree Builder Review by Bert de Vries,  Jul 10, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Well-organized site with smart matches and a helpdesk with very kind people

Biggest Pro: The helpdesk, the smart matches and the helpdesk
Biggest Con: No!

Family Tree Builder Review by Herman Jans,  Jul 9, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Ik heb reeds geruime tijd nu de Family Tree Builder. In eerste instantie gegevens ingebracht die ik zelf bij de archieven van Groningen, Friesland en Drenthe had opgezocht in de registers vanaf 1811 en daarna in de doop- en trouwboeken van de diverse kerken. Buiten deze regio moest ik vaak kennissen vragen of familie die daar woonden dit op te zoeken. Nu heb je internet. Maar helaas nog niet alles is daar te vinden. Maar nu heeft Family Tree Builder ook de mogelijkheid om de gegevens met andere genealogen te vergelijken. Maar ook om te kijken of er nog maar bekend is van leden in je stamboom in het gehele systeem. Hoe meer mensen nu meedoen hoe groter de kans is dat die andere gegevens wel hebben kunnen vinden, dan kun je dit overnemen.
Er wordt dan automatisch vermeld waar de gegevens vandaan komen. Dus aan te bevelen.

Biggest Pro: Het staan klaar om in te vullen en ook om extra gegevens (beroep, of begraafplaats) te vermelden
Biggest Con: Om een stamboom weer weg te krijgen is problematisch.

Google translate: I have been for quite some time now the Family Tree Builder. Initially introduced information that I had looked at the records from 1811 and then in the baptismal and marriage records of the various churches. Itself in the archives of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe Outside this region, I often had to ask friends or family who lived there to look this up. Now you have the Internet. But unfortunately not all can be found there. But now Family Tree Builder also has the ability to compare the data. With other Genealogists But also to see if there were only of members in your family tree in the entire system known. The more people now participate the greater the chance that it could find that information other than you can take over.
It will automatically indicate where the data is coming from. Therefore recommended.

Biggest Pro: It is ready to fill in and also to provide additional information (occupation, or cemetery) to mention
Biggest Con: To get a pedigree weather road is problematic.

Family Tree Builder Review by Harry,  Jul 9, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Ik gebruik reeds enkele jaren de Family Tree Builder. Dit software pakket is zeer gebruiksvriendelijk en er zijn prachtige stambomen mee te maken. Doordat ik regelmatig smartmatches van andere stamboom makers ontvang kan ik vergelijkingen tussen diverse stambomen maken waardoor ik steeds verbeteringen aan mijn stamboom kan aanbrengen. De Family Tree Builder van My Heritage biedt vele mogelijkheden. Ik heb ze echter nog niet allemaal gebruikt.
Een heel belangrijk onderdeel van het lidmaatschap is dat je bij vragen altijd terecht kunt om advies. Je ontvangt dan een specifiek toegesneden advies op jouw probleem Dus geen algemeen antwoord maar echt gericht op het probleem. Perfect gewoon. Zeer goede service. Een pluim voor Marianne die me in het Nederlands heeft geholpen.

Biggest Pro: Hulpvaardigheid My Heritage team. Gebruiksvriendelijk programma.
Biggest Con: De vele mogelijkheden vergen enige oefening. De vele mogelijheden moeten natuurlijk wel aanwezig blijven

Google translate: I’ve been using for several years, the Family Tree Builder. This software package is very user friendly and there to make. Magnificent trees along Because I receive regular smart matches from other pedigree makers I can make comparisons between various trees so I can always make improvements. My family Family Tree Builder My Heritage offers many possibilities. I’ve still not all used.
A very important part of membership is that you can always go to ask for advice. You will receive specific advice tailored to your problem, so no general answer, but really focused on the problem. Just perfect. Very good service. Kudos to Marianne who helped me in Dutch.

Biggest Pro: Helpfulness My Heritage team. User-friendly program.
Biggest Con: The many possibilities require some practice. The many can possibly have, of course, remain

Family Tree Builder Review by Mike, Ohio, USA,  Jul 5, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

I began using MyHeritage’s research tool this week, and am very impressed.
I’m researching my father’s wrestling history, and hunting for his matches, from the 30s to the 50s. (
They have many newspapers on file that didn’t surface in Google searches.
I thank the nameless workers who first scanned all these papers, and those at MyHeritage who are sharing them.
ps, their service responsiveness is top quality.

Biggest Pro: Thoroughness and range of newspapers available.
Biggest Con: The inability to copy images from their files. (Though this might be due to my ignorance.)

Family Tree Builder Review by Rhonda Riley,  Jul 2, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Always ready to assist and helpful

Family Tree Builder Review by H. A. Scott,  Jun 30, 2014

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5 is MUCH easier to use than, but still has everything you need - except perhaps that there are still more North American trees on Ancestry, to compare with.
Is visually much-more-pleasing, easier to comprehend, more complex abilities (if you need to add more facts, there are appropriate places to put them, without cluttering up the tree). You can add privacy settings for specific notes, and/or network and share with family members.
It’s like a Facebook for family trees, with all the fact-oriented features that you would want in an academic product also.
The customer-service is second to none.
Best bang for your buck and a sound investment in preserving the past!

Family Tree Builder Review by Hartsa,  Jun 24, 2014

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

I started in April this year. Now I have about 1000 individuals in my tree. Family Tree Builder is an excellent and easy to use software. There are several languages to chose and the localization is good. The yearly fees for the Premium versions are acceptable. I have contacted twice to the support and the response time is very short, in both cases my problem has been resolved in hours.

You can prevent some data to publish, so the security is quite good.

There could be more date formats to chose for displaying the data. The US way Month Day Year is just odd for the most European users.

Biggest Pro: Visualization and easy to use
Biggest Con: Localisation could be better,

Family Tree Builder Review by Leonard Wayne Naugher,  Jun 23, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Easy access to files and searches. Great matches.

Biggest Pro: Connection to Archives and Findagrave web sites.
Biggest Con: When the sites are down.

Family Tree Builder Review by McBride,  Jun 23, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

The Help desk at MyHeritage is top notch and the software for building a family tree is very intuitive and simple to use.

I have not used all of the features of the site, but those that I have used (Family Tree builder) was simple clean and easy to use.

Family Tree Builder Review by Kathie Hoover-Hutter,  Jun 5, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

My brother started our family tree in 2009 and kept it up until he had a stroke two years ago. When the account expired, My Heritage contacted my sister and me to see if we wanted to continue with the site. My sister did, and I contacted the web site managers to add her name as account administrator and as web master. They handled the change over seamlessly and our family information was not lost. I am grateful My Heritage folks took care of this situation so quickly.

This is a great web site, easy to use and they have good reminder notifications for birthdays and anniversaries. I would recommend this site to people wanting to start their family tree and can keep it safe from computer crashes! !

Biggest Pro: Easy to use, and more affordable!!

Family Tree Builder Review by Mike,  May 17, 2014

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

I have been using MyHeritage for just over a year and have found it a very user friendly site. It was easy to start working with and now that I have discovered the Tree Builder it is a joy to work with. I am not a great computer wizz but find it easy to move around the site add photos and find new family with the smart match facility. A discussion via the inbox is easy with other members. Give it a go I’m sure you will find it very rewarding.

Family Tree Builder Review by Roger Hermans,  Apr 29, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

10 jaar geleden heb ik mijn stamboom grotendeels samengesteld, door gedurende maanden aan een stuk regelmatig te vertoeven in het rijksarchief te Beveren (Antwerpen) en opzoekingen te doen. Toen der tijd was er eigenlijk alleen maar Haza Data voor de pc in België. Nu een half jaartje geleden werd ik terug gebeten door het ’stamboomvirus’ doordat ik ontdekte dat de aktes van het Rijksarchief on line te raadplegen zijn. En.. mede door de reclamebanner van MyHeritage, die ik al eens tegenkwam op verschillende sites, wou ik Family Tree Builder wel eens uittesten. Na de invoer van een eerste generatie was ik niet meer te stoppen. Het gemak waarmee je gegevens invoert, het overzichtelijk scherm, de verschillende tabbladen waarbij je de personenrecords kan aanvullen met bijkomende gegevens, het toevoegen/koppelen van foto’s… het ging echt heel soepel en met slechts enkele klikken kon ik gemakkelijk bladeren van het ene record naar het andere. Vlug had ik ook de mogelijk ontdekt om mijn stamboom te publiceren. En ten slotte begon ik ook de voordelen te ontdekken van de Smart Matches. Op korte tijd is mijn stamboom meer dan verdubbeld. Daar waar ik vroeger geen zijtakken van mijn stamboom wou exploreren omwille van de complexiteit die je op de duur krijgt door het grote aantal records. Kan ik nu zonder problemen op zoek gaan in de zijtakken, want uiteindelijk heb je die ook nodig als je met parochieregisters bezig bent. De Smart Matches helpen mij daar geweldig bij want het gebeurt bijvoorbeeld al wel eens vaker, dat bijvoorbeeld aktes van parochieregisters onleesbaar zijn. Het is dan gissen naar de namen die er te lezen staan. En wat later kom je dan via een SmartMatch datzelfde gezin tegen en kan je verifiëren of het om dezelfde namen. En bovendien ontdek je ook vaak nieuwe personen die je zelf niet gevonden had. Ik moet nu ook wel eerlijk toegeven dat mijn enthousiasme bij het opbouwen van mijn stamboom in de Tree Builder me ook problemen heeft bezorgt. Dat is de tol die je betaald als je niet eerst een beetje de ‘handleiding’ leest. Op een bepaald ogenblijk kwam ik helemaal in de knoei omdat ik op een foute wijze optionele zijtakken van mijn stamboom wou samenvoegen. Ik kwam plots helemaal vast te zitten en kon niet verder werken in de Family Tree Builder. Het synkroniseren liep fout, enz. Toen ontdekte ik een nog zeer essentieel en niet te onderschatten onderdeel van MyHeritage en dat is de HelpService. Marianne één van de teamleden heeft mij geweldig geholpen … en in het nederlands! Samen met haar collega’s zochten zij naar een gepaste oplossing voor mijn probleem en onderhielden het contact totdat ik werkelijk terug op spoor zat. Ik vind MyHeritage een ideaal programma en met dat gevoel had ik ook helemaal geen probleem met de betalende update naar premium.

Biggest Pro: Veelzijdigheid, zeer overzichetlijk layout, prima helpteam
Biggest Con: de ‘must’ om eerst te ontdekken hoe alles precies werkt voor je in de knoei komt ;-)

Google translate: 10 years ago I took my family composed largely , to stay in the state archives in Beveren ( Antwerp ) and do. Searches regularly for months at a time At the time, there was really only Haza Dates for the PC in Belgium . Now, half a year ago I was bitten again by the ” virus family ” because I found that to consult the records of the National Archives are online . And .. thanks to the advertising banner MyHeritage , I already encountered at different sites , I wanted to Family Tree Builder sometimes test . After the input of a first generation , I was unstoppable . The ease with which you enter data, clear screen , the tabs where you can supplement with additional data, adding / linking pictures … it went really smoothly and with just a few clicks of the person records I could easily flip from one record to the other . Quickly I had also discovered possible to publish . My family tree And finally, I began to discover the Smart Matches the benefits. In the short time my family more than doubled . I used to call any branches of my family wanted to explore because of the complexity that you get at the time due to the large number of records . I can now look at the branches , no problems , because in the end you also need when you are busy with parish registers. The Smart Matches great with helping me there , because for example it happens though sometimes more often , for example, acts of parish registers are unreadable. It is then guess at the names that are there to read . And you should come through a Smart Match from the same family , and you can verify that the same names. And moreover, you will also discover many new people you had not found himself . I must now admit that my enthusiasm to build my family tree in the Tree Builder is gives me. Problems too That is the price you pay if you do not first read a bit of the ‘ manual ‘ . At a certain moment, there I was totally in a mess because I optional branches of my family wanted to merge . In a wrong way I suddenly got stuck at all and could not continue working in the Family Tree Builder . The synchronizing went wrong , etc. Then I discovered a still very essential and can not be underestimated and that is part of MyHeritage Help Service . Marianne is one of the team members was a great help to me … and in dutch ! Together with her colleagues, she looked for a solution for my problem and maintained contact until I was truly back on track . I find MyHeritage an ideal program and feel that I had no problem with paying for premium update .

Biggest Pro : Versatility , very overzichetlijk layout , great help team
Biggest Con : the ‘must ‘, to find out exactly how everything works before you come into the mess first

Family Tree Builder Review by Marja van Nierop,  Apr 28, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

Vier jaar geleden ben ik begonnen om een digitale stamboom te maken. Ik gebruik hiervoor de Family Tree Builder van MyHeritage. Inmiddels heb ik 6 stambomen waar in totaal ruim 30.000 personen in zitten en ruim 3.000 foto’s.
De Family Tree Builder is een gebruiksvriendelijk programma dat prima functioneert en waar ik alle informatie in kwijt kan. Het programma kan ook allerlei analyses uitvoeren, diagrammen en rapporten maken.
Wanneer er zich toch problemen voordoen, heeft MyHeritage een geweldig team van helpdeskmedewerkers die je met veel geduld en aandacht helpen. Ze leggen contact via de e-mail, via Skype en zelfs via de telefoon.
Ik ben over MyHeritage heel tevreden en kan het iedere stamboombouwer aanbevelen.

Biggest Pro: Goede bereikbaarheid
Biggest Con: Het is niet handig om informatie zowel via de website als via de Family Tree Builder in te voeren. Wanneer je dat doet, kunnen er ‘misverstanden’ ontstaan tussen beide varianten van dezelfde stamboom.

Google translate: Four years ago I started to make. Digital pedigree I use MyHeritage Family Tree Builder. Meanwhile I have six trees which are in a total of over 30,000 people and over 3,000 photographs.’s Family Tree Builder is a user friendly program that works fine and I can lose any information. The program can also perform a variety of analyzes, charts and reports maken.Wanneer there any problems occur, MyHeritage has a great team of helpdesk staff to help you with a lot of patience and attention. They make contact via e-mail, Skype, and even through the telefoon.Ik on MyHeritage am very happy and can each tree builder aanbevelen.Biggest Pro: Good accessibility biggest Con: It is not convenient to information both through the website and through the Family Tree Builder to enter. When you do that, there may be ‘misunderstandings’ arise between the two variants of the same family.
Biggest Pro: Easy accessibility
Biggest Con: It is not convenient to enter information both through the website and through the Family Tree Builder. When you do that, there may be ‘misunderstandings’ arise between the two variants of the same family.

Family Tree Builder Review by Sandtoft,  Apr 12, 2014

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

Keywords; My Heritage, Family Tree Builder 7.0, Free, Subscription, Standalone, Web sync. Powerful, Many options, Ease of use, Brittle, Mostly pros, Few cons.

The Family tree builder software from My Heritage
is a powerful, standalone tree builder with substantial import / export / save options. The fact it is installed locally and does not require the web to run allows data (from whatever source) to be added at will. Most other tree builders of any import require an active web connection.

The initial options for the data to the web (see later) are:
Free (250 people, 500Mb, basic smart matching),
Premium (2500 people, 1000Mb, enhanced matching and a timeline - Paid - check site for current costs)
Premium Plus (Unlimited people, storage, enhanced matching, Timeline and Timebook, again check the page for current costs).

Do not be put off by the web page or costs. It is not necessary to use them and the first 250 people are free anyway. Check the page and look at the options, I would suggest most people would dabble with the free product until happy and then upgrade as required. You do not have to go to the web at all actually, as the Tree builder will produce data that is very adequate for many people. I will talk about the advantages of the web service later.

The format is a sidebar person menu and a working screen, both dynamic and may be sized to your requirements. A top menu gives the most usual options and does not encroach too much on the working area. The person list appends an ID number which may be searched, along with name(s) birth / death / date and relation priority.

Firstly, it must be emphasised that the options to use the data from this tree builder are superb. You can save the data in the native format, copy it, back it up and keep it in a safe place away from the computer. There is an option to dump the data into an Excel spreadsheet (very handy for other people who do not have the software yet). You can do all the usual open, save, manage and print from this drop down menu.

The internationally recognised GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) format for genealogical data transfer is fully supported. I have imported and exported files into other packages with no problem at all and imported external GEDCOM files from other packages into the Tree builder, again with no issues. Very powerful, and do not forget this is a local installation. The option to merge GEDCOM files is also there which allows other family members to contribute their data for insertion. Error trapping is very good with pop up warnings and suggestions. There is also the option to check the tree for consistency, deceased people and duplicates. Again, vital for merged databases.
The editing and merging of single person data is limited (produced from the duplicate report as far as I’m aware) to typing in data from the duplicate person(s) when it is flagged and showing the dialogue boxes. The ability to simply highlight the data you want in any one or both person records and produce a new one would be an advantage but it’s more of a niggle than a problem. Occasionally, merging does not always work as expected.

Of particular interest is the option to choose one person in the list and set it. You can then display the relationship between any two people (xxx is Great Grandfather of yyy etc.).

The photo option to include images and associate them with the person data is simple and good. GEDCOM is also supported well here, much to my surprise when I imported a rather large database from another family member with hundreds of photos appended. No issue at all.

There is an option to generate a family tree in a PDF (Adobe Portable Data Format) and/or a JPG which may be saved, passed on to other family members or printed out. There is a paid option to have a professionally produced, laminated, giant printed tree if desired. At the last check it was approximately 20 GBP for mine. A nice present. The rest is free. The ability to produce the PDF and the JPG image means anyone can look at the tree without web or software, especially useful if printed out and given to an older member of the family without computer skills. I have to say, the program is worth installing for this feature alone. Do not forget you can import files from other sources and produce the print. There are many options for the format of the tree (Descendant, Hour glass, Bow tie etc.).

Most people who research family history and produce trees do so from multiple sources. Data is most usually obtained from commercial sites, family conversations and memory. Of all the tree builders to use, this program is well recommended.
The search packages are similar in look and feel to many of the others available and usually derive data from the same or similar sources.
I have made a point about this being a standalone program. However, the true power of it is in the ability to produce a web based tree (quite separate in look and use) and synchronise the data with the tree builder software. This is the point where most other commercial sites begin.

When you have your initial data in the tree builder you can synchronise this with a web page generated from it. Do not be put off synchronising your data as it is all private and you have full control. Personally, I added lots of data to the Tree Builder software prior to synchronising it to the web primarily as I was concerned that I suddenly did not want the world to see my family tree and I was not sure of the controls in place. I need not have worried as there are site manager options that you have to use allowing different level of access to other people (should you wish).
The most important issue is that once the tree is synchronised (private but published) the Smart matching comes into play. Data that is in your tree is compared to other data that has been synchronised and matches, (singly initially) are sent to you. These may take the form of similar name, date of birth, location, date of death, parents etc. If you consider these matches to be worth pursuing, the web page and contact details of the owner of the other web page are made available (if they have allowed it). You can then email them and request a little more information and possibly even allow each other to look at the trees. This resulted in my family tree being at least five times larger, as a relative had done so much of the work from their side of the family. We agreed to swap information and have both benefited from the smart matching. Some matches are erroneous but are usually easily discarded. Synchronise early, it may save you many hours of work! You still have control of privacy and permission level.

Now to some downsides, although the pros still far outweigh the cons…

The software is very powerful and does many calculations. With that in mind, running it with many other applications on a PC occasionally causes it to hang. This usually only shows when the PC is heavily loaded with other applications. It is suggested you use the Tree builder on its own if you are working on the data. Save often, especially if you have added a large amount of data. I have never lost data and a quick reboot has always sorted the issue.

On startup of the Tree builder, it fires up the default browser and takes you to your My Heritage web page. It’s probably an authentication move but annoying nevertheless, especially considering the above comment. I usually quit the browser immediately after it has loaded…

If you have a subscription that is up for renewal it is automatic and the only way you can stop it is by contacting customer support (email). There is no tick box or “I do not want to renew my subscription” option. This is not really a problem and I quite understand why My Heritage do it. They will often give you very preferential rates on renewal if you so wish but it does mean you have to contact them. This is not so much of a problem, again just a niggle. However, the support team at My Heritage is superb and once you have been in contact you have a resource available to you very capable of guiding you through any issues you may have. Use them. They know the systems and have vast experience in this field.

That’s about it. Without doubt the easiest course of action is to try the software and use it. Get to know it and start entering data. Initially, go for all the easy options until you have a little more confidence but I’m quite sure you will not be disappointed. I have tried a number of other leading software tree builders but none come close to the variety of options available.

My Heritage Family Tree Builder - ver 7.0.0 Build 7121 August 2013

Biggest Pro: Many options and ability to produce a printed tree.
Biggest Con: Program occasionally brittle and may hang, although no data loss.

Family Tree Builder Review by Elton Broderick,  Mar 6, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

I have been using the My Heritage software for many years now and can not fault it. Its easy to use, functional, and captures a wide range of information. I particularly like the public facing web page which allows friends and family to view my family tree and share my investigations and discoveries.
Couple this with a responsive support team, a reasonable pricing structure and a huge database of supporting information, and it makes this application one of the standout genealogy software packages in the market.

Biggest Pro: Ability to compare information with other My Heritage family trees.
Biggest Con: Historical records could include more Australian information.

Family Tree Builder Review by Naomi Ron,  Feb 27, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

I want to thI want to thank MyHeritage for fast and effective response, for courteous and useful help and for letting me continue my father legacy. My father started the family tree in order for us to see our history and how far and big the family has spread. MyHeritage team allowed me to continue his work after he passed away. They responded in a timely manner, with curtsy and understanding the situation. They explained in details what I need to do and how to progress. As I was conversing with them, I understood, that any question or task, will be answered no matter how small and certainly when it was a bigger issue. I sensed that they take their work seriously and want to improve and add to their databases as well as site functionality. I had very good experience and recommend using the site for creating and keeping your family history. ank MyHeritage for fast and effective response, for curtous

Biggest Pro: support and ease of use the software
Biggest Con: didn’t find one yet

Family Tree Builder Review by Lene Søby,  Feb 19, 2014

4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5

I like it - it’s very easy to use and logically structured. However, I experience many negative input about Famlily Tree Builder and the Family Site - but when examined, it turns out that it is the user who don’t know the system functions well enough.

Smart Matches are smart, but it must be used wisely. It is the users themselves who put the genealogy information out, and many blame MyHerritage when there are errors in these. But this you cannot blame MyHerritage for. Always check the sources yourself before you merge - then you will avoid many problems.

Family Tree Builder Review by Julia Maliyeva,  Feb 19, 2014

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5

I really liked the Family Tree Builder until… I changed my old computer to an Apple product. I could not even imagine that the software is not supported by Mac. I can now only work through the web-site which is not very convenient, somehow I cannot even load the pictures from time to time. What was very important for me in the Family Tree Builder - I could include any information besides the dates of life, such as family stories, notes, etc. Now being a Premium user I have to be content only with a limited web-version.

Family Tree Builder Review by Mikko Rantanen,  Feb 17, 2014

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5

I am satisfied with MyHeritage. Some small improvments possible. Smart Match sometimes compares with wrong persons . If there are two same persons A and B in two trees . Smart match compares A to B and B to A. I have to answer” not same persons” allthoug I see that there is question of same persons wrongway compared.

Biggest Pro: Good sarvice
Biggest Con: Complicated to take information in smart match into my own tree out of the other tree.

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